Guru who blessed you with Ram-Naam is always with you

Most of the sadhaks (spiritual seekers/devotees) will refrain from talking about them experiencing Guru’s grace and presence.  If you are sincere they might tell you a little more.  Ask anyone who has wonderful experiences with Ram-Naam and they will say that these experiences only happen due to grace of Guru and God.

Guru who has blessed you with all-powerful, loving, and benevolent Ram-Naam is always with you.  Simply do your practice according to the instructions given by your guru and experience it for yourself.

We are truly blessed who have received Ram Mantra and are inspired by Shree Ram to do our practice diligently.  Doing the practice with only asking for only grace is what Sadgurus urge us.   Trust Param Guru Shree Ram and Sadguru, your spiritual growth is in their hands.

Pujya Dr. Vishwamitter Ji Maharaj in his discourse in one of the audio CDs asks us not to think about seeing light in the forehead while doing meditation/Concentration/Dhyan.   He asks (something like), “Kya tumhe dhyan me mast hote ho ya nahin,  Kya Ram-Naam me  jhoomte ho ya nahin?”  (Do you dance with joy and receive bliss in Ram-Naam meditation?)

May you experience your guru’s presence along with Shree Ram’s presence more and more.


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