Ram Kripa today

Today I started the day really frustrated specially after  wasting away almost the whole day yesterday doing negative activities.

With Ram Kripa (Grace), just after I was finishing the morning prayers and meditations I was guided to keep my mind busy while doing some productive service.

To keep the mind busy and preventing it to do something negative,  Shree Swami Satyanand Ji Maharaj says in Pravachan Piyush, “…. Kuchh kiya kar, agar kuchh nahin hain karne ko to kapre phar kar phir unko siya kar”.  He has a very important point that we need to keep our mind busy with some positive activity and he quote someone or uses an old saying – that if we have nothing to do undo the unstitching of some our clothes and stitch them over.

With Ram Kripa today (and always) I have begun writing some more meaningful articles and review the old ones to improve.  I pray to Shree Ram that this work may be service to others.

For discourses, satsangs, and books like Pravachan Piyush, Ramayan, Bhagvad Gita (Spiritual Discourses by Swami Ji Maharaj) click on http://www.shreeramsharnam.org/


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