USA Open Satsang – from a sadhak

Ram Ram Ji to all fellow sadhaks. For those of you residing in the US or Canada, please be advised that there is an Open Sadhna Satsang from May 17th to May 20th in Saylorsburg, PA. Param Pujya Maharaj Ji from Shree Ram Sharnam – Delhi is arriving in the USA to grace the event and bestow his blessings. Since we are all followers of Pujya Swami Ji Maharaj, we all belong to the same Shree Ram Sharnam family and this is a good opportunity for all sadhaks to experience the event and receive the spiritual growth that we all need living here in the US. If anyone is interested to attend, please send an email to – or review the entire program schedule on
Jai Jai Ram

Why are we attached to mind, its not ours – our Gurujans say

Man kahan hai?  Kya veh hamare ango jaisa hai?  (Where is mind, is it like parts of our body?)

There is only one cosmic mind – Our Gurujans

Our mind is just a bundle of thoughts.

Yet mind is where we do our puja … mind is the one that needs to be transformed.  Soul is pure (Main shudh atma hoon as mentioned by Swamiji Maharaj in Bhakti Prakash).  Swamiji Maharaj also says that,”Main mukt atma hoon” (I am a liberated soul).  So mind is not free or liberated from the thoughts of the world or the body consciousness.  That is why we do dhyan (concentration).

Pujya Dr. Vishwa Mitter Ji Maharaj says, “Dhyan kamzoron ka kaam nahin hai, Dhayan shoorveeron ka kaam hai”  (Concentration is not for the weak-minded people but for the brave ones).

Praying to Lord – never make me a big person

Pujya Maharajji’s mentioned in his pravachan that Shree Swamiji Maharaj has left us with some work  – to become like a child.  He then adds that we should pray to Parmaatma that may I never become a big person.

With our practice as shown by our Gurujans and with the power of Ram Naam we can take an attitude of a witness (chaitanaya bhav),  giving up the notion that … I am the body.   By surrendering all the fruits of the action to Lord (before we begin each action as Bhagvad Gita teaches us) because we are not really the doers – without the inspiration of Lord and the energy provided by Shree Ram (source of all powers), how can we do anything.

(Shree Hanumanji said the same thing when he was praised for burning the Lanka Nagri)

When we practice this over and over again we will be reminded of the fact that we really don’t do anything and that “Lord is the sole doer”.  In this manner, we will become more and more humble.  With this humility in us it may become a little easier for us to be a small person – even a child, at least in relationship to our Divine Mother.

We can extend this practice to every human being because to love Ram is to love everyone.  Once again it is not easy to do so but it is also not impossible as shown by so many people before us and some who are among us.

Like anything worthwhile it takes some practice for a long, long time but with the Ram Kripa it can happen sooner than we think, so always have hope and faith in Shree Ram and Ram Naam, an invaluable diamond given to us by our beloved Gurujans.  “Cash” this diamond and be spiritually rich – that is the only wealth we can take with us.

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Jai Shree Ram.

How to surrender to God

According to Pujya Maharajji:

(The following is only an understanding of this sadhak, who needs more and more of this practice.  Corrections and comments are welcome.)

According to Pujya Maharajji, everyone says to surrender to God, but they do not tell us how to do it.  He shows us the way:   Paramatma (Supreme Soul) Sri Ram … This  body, wealth, intellect, and mind .. they are all yours,  all the actions done with mind, body, speech, and sense organs (due to lust, greed, anger, jealousy, etc.) , teri vastu hai  – yours (English?)… Ram, Ram, Ram, Ram.

Shree Swamiji Maharaj clarifies about God and how to surrender to God in Amritvani:


I bow before Sri Ram, who is vested with all powers!

I bow before the source and reservoir of all powers!

I bow and seek shelter with the Supreme Soul, Sri Ram!

I dedicate and surrender myself unto Him!

‘Parmaatmaa’: The Supreme soul.

Spiritual Path according to Saint-Souls

There are several spiritual paths for people of various mind-sets, cultures, and spiritual traditions.  Saint-souls or Sant Mahatmas tell us that any and all true spiritual paths lead to an individual soul uniting with Supreme soul or experiencing the truth about Supreme soul, God, or One Source who is vested with all powers.  Some of these wise teachers may say that we realize the truth about ourselves, get enlightenment, or have Darshan of God in His true form.

Most spiritual traditions agree that one of the goal of spiritual practice is for us to become a better person or a better human being.  A better human being in thoughts, speech, and deeds.

Each human being has strengths and weaknesses.  Each human being has past karma, genes, and DNA that binds us to think and act in a certain way, especially if we are not shown the true path.

A true path can be shown only by Sadguru who has learned to walk on the true path with the grace of Guru and God.

According to Saint-souls from almost all traditions of present and past era, it is God’s grace that inspires us to think about God, reach out to God, to pray and have a yearning to walk on a true spiritual path.  When the student is ready the teacher appears as the saying goes … it is again with God’s grace we come in contact with the right guru for us.

Now that we have come in contact with our guru we need to make a commitment to practice according to the instructions given by guru or walk on the  path of practice, as shown to us.  Sure, most of us being humans, are not  going to  keep our total commitments due to one reason or another.  If we just keep aware of what we are thinking, saying, and doing we know whether we are walking on the path or we are off the path.

By attending satsang or keeping in contact with our guru in person or by remembering the instructions, or how our guru talks, walks, and interacts with others can be highly beneficial to us and it can be a reminder about how to keep our behaviors as close as possible as per guru’s guidance.

What more can we ask for … our Gurujans have shown us again and again with patience, love, and as role models the path we need to walk on for our own good and the good of our families, and for the good of  all human beings.

To be a better human being, to do better, is our responsibility … to follow the examples of others who have walked on this path is wisdom.

To err is human… to forgive is divine.  Divine are the saint-souls who forgive us again and again and show their love to us and all mankind.  Let us also act in a divine way … let us forgive ourselves for our mistakes (God and guru has) and let us all renew our commitment to walk on the path shown to us by our loving Gurujans.  Let us do our jap, recite Amritvani daily, study Swamiji Maharaj’s Ramayan (Valmiki version), and follow any other personal instructions given by our guru.

Saint-souls remind us is to do our practice with Nishkam-Bhav… and they assure us that good fruit of this practice is beyond our imagination :

Taarak Mantra Ram hai – jiska sufal apaar,

Is mantra ke jap se – nishchay bane nistaar.

(From Amritvani – booklet available at any Shreeramsharnam – please visit for centers and treasure of spiritual wisdom)

Jai Jai Ram

Listening to Pujya Dr. Viswa Mitter Ji Maharaj’s discourse

The following is my humble understanding only. Please feel free to correct and comment below in the box.

In his discourse Pujya Maharaj Ji says that four things are essential in our sadhana.

  1. Simran
  2. Sanyam
  3. Sadachar
  4. Seva

Then he tells us that all of these four we can’t get unless we have Satsangati.

It is clear that the association of Sant is very important in our sadhana and bhakti. If we can’t be there with the Sant physically we should try to feel that the Sadguru or Sant is with us always while we do simran (loving Jap while remembering the meaning of mantra), have sanyam (self-control) in our lives, sadachar (Right behaviors for sadhaks), and seva (selfless service). With Sant’s presence we are bound to not only get all of the four required for our sadhana but also with Sant’s grace we are going to get a stronger connection with Shreeram and our sadhana will become mangalmayi. This is what Sant-Mahatmas tell us again and again. Let us listen to them and make our practice of Ram Naam consistent, loving, and blissful.

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Sab Ram mein hai – All is in Ram

An inspiring thought! Remember all day long that “Sab Ram mein hai” – All is in Ram. No matter what we think about, no matter who we think about, it’s all in Ram. When all is in Ram, then why does the question of us wanting something other than Ram arises in our mind. When we have received Ram Naam from Sadguru then we should only think about Ram.

Pujya Shree Vishwa Mitter Ji Maharaj in his discourse says that Ram Kripa descends upon the one who realizes that there is no separate existence without God. We have a body but the consciousness is of God. When the consciousness is there, body has existence. We should lose our ego or aham and exist only in Ram. All is in Ram. Swami Satyanand Ji Maharaj says “Sanoo milaya naam pyara, assi hor ki mangana” (We have receive the most beloved Naam, what else can we ask for). Jai Shree Ram.

Jai Jai Ram.

How to do self-study of Srimadbhagavadgita

In his translation of Shreemadbhagavadgeeta , Shree Swami Satyanand Ji Maharaj tells us how to study it to get most benefit out of it – study with one-pointed mind and spend more time understanding it’s meaning. Every student should have the attitude and feeling that I am Arjuna and all my negative qualities of sins, mistakes, not wanting to my duty, my weaknesses can be eradicated by Shree Krishna’s teachings.

…… Lord Krishna is waking the eternal aspect of my pure soul and He is reminding me of my pure consciousness. Lord Krishna is inspiring, encouraging, and motivating me to be free of laziness and do my natural duties with even-mindedness.

…. I am the beloved student and devotee of Lord Krishna. With these higher and noble thoughts every student of Gita becomes recipient of Lord’s grace and the essence of Gita’s teaching gets imbibed in the student.

Lord himself says, ” To study Gita, listening to it, and reading it to others is Gyan-Yagya and I am worshiped by that.”

Shree Swami JI Maharaj tells that every student of Gita should be faithful, full of devotion, and with a serious attitude read Gita and worship Lord in this way. With this attitude, devotion, and feeling, knowledge of Gita will come as light in the heart of the student.

We are so lucky and blessed with Swami Ji Maharaj’s translation of Gita and his love for Hindi language.

In Meditation – Seeking help from guru

Pujya Maharaj Ji told us at the time of initiation that Swami Ji Maharaj and Prem Ji Maharaj are always with us helping us in our spiritual practice and protecting us.

The other day in meditation I asked for their help and Pujya Maharaj JI’s voice was heard saying “Galat kaam karna band kar do – kitna dukh hota hoga Swami Ji Maharaj ko” (Stop doing things that are not conducive to spiritual life – Swami Ji Maharaj must be feeling the pain seeing me do that). Every day I pray that I only do righteous actions and when I am not able to do so I ask for forgiveness.

The lesson here is that we must make an effort to control our actions, speech, and thoughts.

Pujya Maharaj Ji says in one of his discourse: we may not succeed in our efforts to do that but we must not lose hope.

Guru Purnima – Connecting several readings

Reading this morning from Pujya Dr. Vishwa Mitter Ji Maharaj’s message of July 11, 2006, he mentions that there a strong connection between our Adi Guru Maharshi Vyasdev’s teachings (of four vedas, Puranas, and Adhyatmic Ramayan), and Shree Swami Satyanand Ji Maharaj’s teachings.

Pujya Maharaj Ji encourages us to:

  1. Implement what we have heard or read so that we can serve others and live a life of a true devotee.
  2. To devote our every moment to the teachings of Shree Swami Ji Maharaj while giving up our ego, need for praise, fame, etc.
  3. We should live a life of peace and bliss with the help of Ram Naam which acts like spiritual fire that cleanses our mind, purifies our heart, and gets rid of ignorance.
  4. To keep our promise to Shree Swami Ji Maharaj to do Jaap, Simran, and dhyan as our guru-dakshina.
  5. To lead a pure life and become a good sadhak who wil make Shree Swami Ji Maharaj proud.

He asks to join each other and promise to lead a pure, truthful, and spiritual life once again on this day of Guru Purnima.

Reading about Satsangati in Bhakti Prakash about the signs of Sant and the benefits of associating with Sants/Mahatmas it convinces me once again about how lucky and blessed we are having our gurujans in our lives. I am taking a vow once again to be true to our gurujans at Shreeramsharnam, Maharashi Vyasdev JI, and Param Guru Shree Ram.

We may not succeed at living the life (at first or every day) they ask us to lead but we can be like a little child who fails to walk at first attempt and falls many times but never gives up. Shree Swami Ji Maharaj Ji in Pravachan Piyush reminds us that spiritual practice is a long journey but we need to do our practice until our last breath – even at that time if we have realization of Supreme Truth or we get a glimpse of spiritual bliss, etc. – I think our journey will be worth much more than the effort put in because it will be due to Ram Kripa and Guru Kripa we will be blessed to have any spiritual experiences or transformations.